Best Wire Type for IR Repeater Connections

Wire type matters, the wrong choice can corrupted IR signals beyond recognition causing system failure

Use a low capacitance communication cable to connect IR repeaters (IR-250/350) to IR connecting blocks (IR-100).

This is the only additional wiring required for Buffalo Electronics IR extender systems. Repeater to connecting block wiring distances vary for each installation and are not usually supplied when IR system components are purchased. Some distributors may offer wiring options but most installers provide their own cable.

We recommend using CAT3 or CAT5/6 cable (low pF/foot). This is very common and readily available computer networking cable.

We also recommend using one twisted pair (a twisted pair consists of 2-wires) for each of the three required connections (V+, SIG, GND).

Two wires for each connection will make the wiring more reliable (in-case one gets nicked during installation and breaks in the future) and will provide more copper for the terminal block connector screws to make a solid connection. It will also allow repeaters to be positioned as far as 1,000 feet away from the IR-100 (transistor amplified) connecting block without any loss of performance.