About Buffalo Electronics

Specialist in High Performance Industrial Strength Custom Installation Products for Professionals

What We Do

Buffalo Electronics (BE) has been supplying leading OEMs, distributors, designers, dealers and installers with some of the highest quality, most robust and reliable, distributed audio and infrared remote control products available since 1991.

BE provides premium products factory direct while promoting hassle free B2B relationships.

Our experienced engineers and technicians meticulously design, manufacture, and support every product we sell. Using industrial grade components BE produces premium products that are more reliable and last longer than similar products produced using consumer electronics grade components.

Dedication to high performance design, extreme build quality, and good customer support has earned Buffalo Electronics a world-class reputation in the custom installation marketplace.

How We Started

Buffalo Electronics (BE) was founded in Buffalo New York in 1986 and started out as a part time electronic product research and development endeavor.

In 1991 our founder, a medical electronics design engineer, left his full time position to pursue BE's growing product design and manufacturing business.

From 1991 to 1996 BE provided new product design and turnkey manufacturing services to several leading US OEM companies and many new start-up companies.

BE achieved a great deal during this busy period. Our design, manufacturing, and QA processes were constantly refined, updated, and improved and our research and testing labs became well stocked with equipment, test instruments, computers and software.

The products developed were diverse and included: a whole-house multi zone audio system with a built-in IR learner; several home automation in-wall keypad products; many types of in-wall volume controls; test fixtures for a leading baby products manufacturer; a Wall Street "hoot ‘n’ holler" stock trading communication system; an autodialer fire alarm system for mobile homes; and a 60 machine cooling control system for a plastic injection molding company.

BE released its own Imagine™ brand distributed audio and infrared remote control products in 1994 and started introducing them to distributors, dealers and installers at various trade shows.

By 1996 the demand for Imagine™ products was stressing BE's Charlotte NC operation. Plans were made and a new factory was built in Thailand—BE got a the higher production capacity it needed plus gained an offshore cost advantage. All R&D and manufacturing operations were relocated to the new factory by 1997. BE's founder and chief engineer relocated to Thailand to oversee and maintain control over the design, manufacture, and QA of BE products.

In 2003 BE dropped the tired, worn-out word "Imagine™", it seemed as if every company on Earth was using the word "imagine" with no restraint. This was a disaster for our brand name.

BE rebranded its product line simply "Buffalo Electronics". The plan was to reduce customer confusion, build stronger brand name recognition, and eliminate the need for future concern.

Where We Are Today

Buffalo Electronics's products were sold B2B worldwide, in more than 12 countries.

It's interesting to see where our products can be found these days. BE product installations include: residential homes; corporate meeting rooms; hotels; casinos; museums; schools; government and military training facilities; churches and religious organizations; restaurants; sports bars; factories; private jets; motor coaches; boats; custom automobiles; and many more surprising locations.

Today Buffalo Electronics continues to look for new solutions to support the professional custom installer's ever changing needs.