Signal Amplified & Flasher Output Regulated
Single Zone Connecting Block

Robust Design w/ Signal Amplification, Flasher Output Regulation, Confirmation LED, and GND Stud

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The IR-100 is the centerpiece of the infrared remote control system. A system wiring connection block where the power supply, IR repeaters, and IR flashers all tie together. The IR-100's advanced circuitry adjusts the incoming repeater signal levels and the outgoing flasher output levels for optimum remote control system performance.

The IR-100's computer designed signal amplification circuitry allows long cable runs to work as well as short cable runs. A repeater 1000' away from the IR-100 will flash the controlled A/V equipment exactly the same as a repeater 10' away will.

The IR-100's flasher outputs are regulated to an optimum output level. Flashers will never flood the device under control causing missed commands and they will never reach out far enough to effect another device even if it uses the same IR codes.

An advantage of regulated short range flasher output levels is that you can use multiples of the exact same component in multi-zone system designs, in the same equipment rack and experience no IR remote control problems.


  • Exceptional >1,000 foot repeater run lengths with standard CAT5/6
  • Noise reduction circuit improves IR data transmission
  • Amplified input allows short and long repeater runs to work exactly the same
  • Signal confirmation LED for troubleshooting
  • 4 regulated flasher jacks for correct flasher output levels at any repeater distance
  • Built-in optional system ground lug problem environments
  • Parallel IR-100's to control more than 1 equipment stack or for more flashers
  • Easy to create multiple listening zones using multiple IR-100s
  • High quality brand name electronic components for long life
  • Robust, heavy duty build quality
  • Designed with the professional installer in mind

Download: IR-100 & IR-E1 PDF