Myth - Plasma Proof, Florescent Proof
or any Similar Marketing Exaggeration

Words designed by marketing and sales personnel to make their products seem superior, just hot air

Any ambient signal (similar to a hand-held remote control signal) that is in a room with an IR repeater (IR-250/350) can get into the IR extender system and cause noise interference. Noise interference can range from insignificant (has no effect on system) all the way to extreme (causes system failure).

This an indisputable fact that can easily be proven, no matter what words are used in advertising. And, just to be crystal clear, system noise always gets into the system directly through the IR repeater, the exact same place the hand-held remote control signal gets in.

Wiring is not an issue regarding system noise, although, system performance can sometimes be enhanced when the optional grounding lug on the IR-100 connecting block is used.

The most common in-door noise interference sources are florescent (FL) lighting and FL back-lit LCD TVs, out-doors it's the sun.