A Scalable IR Extender System Design That's
Reliable, Easy to Setup, Modify and Troubleshoot

Design IR extender systems to increase reliability, make future modifications and troubleshooting easier

The idea is to install a flexible, robust wiring system that is easy to modify and troubleshoot. It's simply too much work to redo a poorly planned wiring system after it has been installed.

This IR extender system design allows rooms to be added or removed at anytime.

Any room can easily/quickly be unplugged/disconnected temporally at any time. This is a great option if there is a problem or if work is being done in a room that might affect the system.

IR Extender System Components

  • Repeater (IR-250 or IR-350 - 1 per room)
  • Junction Box (IR-J8)
  • Connecting Block (IR-100)
  • Power Supply (SPS-1210 - upgrade that replaced DV9-500 & SPS-1212)
  • Flasher (IR-E1 - 1 for each component being controlled)

Multi-Room IR Extender System Design for up to 8 Rooms

IR Wiring Diagram