Structured Wiring Box - Connect Up to 8 Repeaters to One IR-100 Connecting Block + Optional Power Connection

Protective Cover & Plug-in Connectors For Clean Installs that are easy to Troubleshoot and Modify



The IR-J8 neatly connects up to eight repeaters from eight different listing zones or rooms, to one or more IR-100 connecting blocks. It also has an optional power input that, at times, can be more convenient than inputting the power at the IR-100 connecting block.

The IR-J8 is specifically designed to pass IR remote control signals without adding unwanted distortions.

The IR-J8's plug-in/out terminal block connectors aid the wiring of connections, allow fast system modifications, and make troubleshooting much easier than in hard wired infrared systems.


  • Screw on labeled protective cover
  • Easy to use plug-in/out terminal block connectors
  • 4 Entry holes with rubber boot wire covers
  • Accepts up to 16 AWG wire, 24 AWG CAT5/6 recommended
  • Designed to pass IR remote control signals without adding unwanted distortion
  • Promotes neat, clean, trouble free installations
  • UL approved electrical box enclosure
  • High build quality for long life
  • Installs easily with 2 mounting screws